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Everything listed under: testimonies

  • Testimonial Tuesday

    Amy Garland is the Little Rock Christian Academy Kidz RAP (Reaching All People) coordinator.  This is her first year in this position and as she has found, this task is one of absolute patience and trust in God.  Recently, she had a humbling experience that reinforced her dependence on God. She was planning the Kidz RAP project (click here) for the month and didn’t quite know how to implement all her ideas in the short time allowed.  She had a vision of helping foster children du...(read more...)

  • Touching Lives Testimony

    Kidz RAP touches lives.  Recently, we heard how it touched the life of Spencer Ewing, a previous patient and current ambassador for Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  Ambassadors give hope and encouragement to others by sharing their incredible stories. Spencer’s story is one of true inspiration.   At age three, his parents noticed him dragging his left leg and later testing found that he had a large tumor on his brain stem, causing paralysis on the left side of his body.  After...  Read More