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Everything listed under: childrens-hospital

  • Touching Lives Testimony

    Kidz RAP touches lives.  Recently, we heard how it touched the life of Spencer Ewing, a previous patient and current ambassador for Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  Ambassadors give hope and encouragement to others by sharing their incredible stories. Spencer’s story is one of true inspiration.   At age three, his parents noticed him dragging his left leg and later testing found that he had a large tumor on his brain stem, causing paralysis on the left side of his body.  After...  Read More

  • Follow Me Thursday-Kidz RAP helps Arkansas Children's Hospital

    The school cafeteria is buzzing, not because it’s lunchtime, but because it’s the first Kidz RAP event of the year at Little Rock Christian Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas. Praise music is playing; Momz and kidz are lined up outside the door waiting to sign in; little hands grab snacks out of baskets and scurry to find a spot by their friends. Girls and boys, as young as 2 or 3, join their brothers and sisters in coloring “Happy Special Day” posters and cards while they are waiting for the eve...  Read More

  • Cheers for Children's Hospital!

    Welcome to! If this is your first visit we are so excited you found us! If you are checking back in, we are so glad you came back!  Read More